Full name

Toyin Oteri


Brampton, Canada


My name is Toyin Oteri. I am a 4th year Game Design & Development on track to graduate from Wilfrid Laurier University Brantford. Over the course of my 4 years here, I have built a toolkit around designing games with a purpose that can change the world. My specialties are in Game Design, world building, character development and story. What makes me passionate about games is the unparalleled potential they have in comparison to any other forms of entertainment to tell a deep compelling story that can captivate the minds and even change the lives of the people playing. My favorite games that have also helped shape my game design philosophy are the Kingdom Hearts series, Final Fantasy series (Final Fantasy X and XII in particular), Persona 4 and 5, Phoenix Wright series, Uncharted series, the Infamous series and the NBA 2K series


Wilfrid Laurier University Brantford

Brantford, Canada · 2015 – Present


Media Smarts


Quick Learner, Good Team member, Leader, Organized, Good at keeping the team on target, Good at keeping documentation up to date